Pegasus Pony

Pegasus ponies are one of the five original ponies on PonyIsland. This pony is available in the Pony Generator once an account is created. The feature of this pony are the feather wings on its torso. This pony is used as one of the breeding ponies to create the hybrid winged unicorn by breeding a unicorn with a pegasus pony. Pegasus pony type is air.

Basic Skills:

Intelligence: 07
Strength: 08
Agility: 05
Charisma: 10

Ponyisland's description:

Pegasus ponies are strong fliers and can travel long distances through the air. Everyone loves to be around them because they are always optimistic and have great sense of humor. You will usually find Pegs playing tricks and telling jokes, because they love the sound of laughter.[1]


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